Disgraced former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo worked to oust the Inspector General investigating him for ethics violations, and now a new report reveals why he tried to squash the probe.

Pompeo is trying to position himself as a presidential contender in 2024, but if he abuses the power of the presidency like he abused his power as Secretary of State, Americans are going to be stuck paying the bill whenever Pompeo and his entitled wife Susan use government personnel as their own personal servants.

His tenure as Secretary of State— a hallowed Cabinet office that goes all the way back to George Washington’s presidency and has been filled by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison— was a joke that did nothing to advance the reputation and influence of the United States abroad. Instead, Pompeo spent his time cheerleadering and defending disgraced former President Donald Trump. And just like Trump abused his power, Pompeo often abused his own as an Inspector General report revealed this week.

According to Politico:

By digging through emails and other documents and interviewing staff members, investigators uncovered scores of instances in which Mike or Susan Pompeo asked State Department staffers to handle tasks of a personal nature, from booking salon appointments and private dinner reservations to picking up their dog and arranging tours for the Pompeos’ political allies. Employees told investigators that they viewed the requests from Susan Pompeo, who was not on the federal payroll, as being backed by the secretary.

Of course, we already knew some of this stuff thanks to an investigation by former State Department Inspector General Steve Linick, whom Pompeo had fired in a scheme to squash or delay the investigation.

Among other ethics violations include Susan Pompeo asking staffers “to buy a T-shirt for a friend; arrange for flowers to be sent to friends recovering from sickness; and help her book hair salon appointments when she was in New York during the U.N. General Assembly and had to meet with foreign dignitaries. One year, a senior adviser to the secretary and a senior Foreign Service officer came in on a weekend “to envelope, address, and mail personal Christmas cards for the Pompeos.””

Politico goes on to report that “on at least 30 occasions, Mike or Susan Pompeo tasked State Department employees with “making restaurant reservations for personal lunches and dinners with Pompeo family members or friends.”” They also used taxpayer dollars “to buy gifts (such as gold nut bowls) for the hosts of dinners that appeared personal, and not related to diplomatic work.”

Predictably, Pompeo is claiming that the report is politically motivated and even stooped to the low of throwing his wife under the bus to avoid blame. But the Inspector General’s Office fired back.

The inspector general’s office, however, defended the investigation, noting that many of the rules governing such interactions are clear, do not make exceptions for small tasks, and that the Pompeos’ requests ultimately added up to use a significant amount of the time of employees paid by taxpayers.

It’s not only an abuse of power, it’s theft of taxpayer dollars. Pompeo should be forced to pay back every cent and should face legal consequences. He used State Department employees as his personal servants and taxpayers as his personal piggy bank. This behavior cannot go unpunished and demonstrates that he was unfit to be Secretary of State and is unfit for the White House. Our country spent four years with a president who abused his power and wasted taxpayer money. We don’t need another one.

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