Outgoing President Donald Trump furiously lashed out at the Wisconsin Supreme Court for shooting down his election lawsuit in the state and demanded the GOP-controlled legislature declare him the winner even though President-Elect Joe Biden beat him by 20,000 votes.

The Wisconsin high court ruled 4-3 against Trump’s effort to overturn the race because he did not provide any evidence of voter fraud. Judge Brian Hagedorn, whom Trump supposedly helped put on the court, explained how he made his decision to join the three liberals on the court in the ruling.

“In the cases before us, they were asking us to throw out those elections,” Hagedorn said. “There was certainly nothing in the nature of the law or the facts that supported getting anywhere close to that, and I communicated that clearly. And I do think if you’re going to make a claim like that, you better have your evidence and you better have the law on your side and make your case. And at least in the cases before us, that wasn’t the case.”

In short, Hagedorn followed the law instead of bowing to partisan politics, which is what a judge is supposed to do. But Trump obviously thinks Hagedorn owed him a quid pro quo and targeted him for not giving it to him.

Trump then demanded that Republican state lawmakers only accept the dissent of the three conservative judges and use it to declare him the winner of the election.

In fact, Trump did NOT win by a landslide. He lost by 20,000 votes, a result that was confirmed by a recount that Trump still has not paid for. Wisconsin’s electors have also already been awarded to Biden, and Trump has lost all but one of the 50+ lawsuits he has filed in a desperate scheme to stay in power.

It is unlikely that the state legislature would get involved, especially now since the electors have already been certified. So far, no state legislature has dared to defy the will of their voters and it will likely stay that way. Now all eyes are on Congress, where House Republicans and a couple Republican senators are planning to challenge the election results in a seditious plot to overthrow our democracy. That effort will also likely fail miserably.

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