Many Republicans have degraded themselves by sucking up to disgraced former President Donald Trump even though he personally smeared their families, and now George P. Bush is getting on his knees for Trump as well.

As you may recall, Trump repeatedly attacked the Bush family, first targeting former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, George P. Bush’s own father. Trump also attacked his mother and grandmother former First Lady Barbara Bush, who barred Trump from attending her funeral. Trump even attacked George’s uncle former President George W. Bush and grandfather former President George H. W. Bush.

One would think the disgusting personal attacks would result in George P. Bush rejecting Trump. But in his race to challenge Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Bush is kissing Trump’s a**.

“Like President Trump, I will not sit idly by while our freedoms are under attack,” Bush said in a video sent to Republican primary voters this week.

It’s a sad and pathetic fall for a political dynasty that stretches back decades.

Just like Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), whose own family was viciously attacked by Trump, Bush is now sucking up to Trump instead of standing up for his family.

Twitter users humiliated Bush for selling out his family and the Bush name.

A once-powerful and respected family has been reduced to sucking up to a conman who dodged the draft five times and incited an insurrection to overthrow our democracy. George P. Bush should be ashamed of himself. His family should be ashamed of him, too.

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