Legal experts are both shocked and not surprised after the New York Times revealed that disgraced former President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice spied on top House Democrats and their families.

We already know that Trump used the DOJ to persecute critics and political opponents. But now we know that Trump’s DOJ seized the personal records of Reps. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) as they were investigating his ties to Russia.

“As the Justice Department investigated who was behind leaks of classified information early in the Trump administration, it took a highly unusual step: Prosecutors subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, aides and family members. One was a minor,” the NYT report stated.

It’s yet another serious abuse of power committed by Trump and his goons, and they need to be held accountable for it. Legal experts were stunned by the revelation but not completely surprised since corruption thrived under Trump.

Two legal experts even pointed out the hypocrisy of the spying since Trump once argued that Congress can’t investigate the president.

President Biden’s DOJ under Attorney General Merrick Garland needs to stop defending and covering up for Trump and start holding him and his officials accountable for their corrupt actions. If they won’t step up to do something, they should resign to make way for someone who will do the job they should be doing. Letting Trump get away with these abuses of power is absolutely unacceptable.

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