On Thursday at the White House, President Joe Biden signed legislation that makes June 19 Juneteenth National Independence Day and designates it as a federal holiday. The president told those gathered for the signing ceremony that he considers the new holiday “one of the greatest honors” of his presidency:

“I have to say to you, I’ve only been president for several months, but I think this will go down, for me, as one of the greatest honors I will have as president.

“I regret that my grandchildren aren’t here, because this is a really, really, really important moment in our history. By making Juneteenth a federal holiday, all Americans can feel the power of this day and learn from our history — and celebrate progress and grapple with the distance we’ve come (and) the distance we have to travel.”


Yet despite the historic occasion, conservatives on social media were apoplectic, and they had a full-scale meltdown, proving yet again that right-wingers are angry whenever something is done that recognizes the shameful past of the United States on the issue of race and equality:

But Twitter karma quickly caught up with the right-wing hysteria:

Featured Image Via NBC News