As she always does, QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) faceplanted this week by laughably claiming that President Joe Biden is somehow unqualified to negotiate with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Biden attended the G7 this week for the first time since taking office in January, meeting with our NATO allies and giving the world an international meeting that didn’t turn out to be a complete circus for the first time after four years of Donald Trump.

As part of his trip, Biden met with Putin, which means Republicans across the country made statements in support of Putin and rooting against America’s leader in a disgraceful exercise of betrayal.

Boebert took to Twitter to call Biden “unqualified” to meet with Putin and suggested Biden would give Alaska to Russia in confusion.

Then she posted another.

And another.

And finally this gem.

Of course, the world’s respect for America and our president has shot up dramatically since Trump’s time in the White House ended. In fact, confidence and favorability both shot up since January. The world isn’t laughing at Biden, they respect him and are relieved that America has a competent leader again.

Biden also reads his intelligence briefings, unlike Trump, so he definitely did not need flashcards. This is a good time to point out that Boebert only just received her GED after being a high school dropout.

This is why conservatives should not do comedy. They suck at it.

As for her first tweet, Twitter users noted that Trump was truly unqualified and was Putin’s whiny little b*tch and that Boebert herself is unqualified to be a member of the House.

Republicans are falling all over themselves to praising Putin to please Trump rather than support Biden. It’s downright embarrassing and un-American.

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