Former Vice President Mike Pence is trying desperately to remain relevant so he can weasel his way into the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, even though his chances of ever being head of state are slim to none, especially since many Republicans consider him to be partially responsible for Donald Trump losing the 2020 election.

On Friday, Pence got a taste of what he can expect as he plods towards 2024 when he spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Orlando, Florida. As he began to address the crowd, the former VP was interrupted by chants of “traitor!”

Yet despite that rude reception, Pence took another shot at sucking up to right-wingers with two tweets attacking “cancel culture.”

Cancel culture? Really, Mike? Did you forget that thousands of pro-Trump domestic terrorists chanted for you to be hanged on Jan. 6 when they violently stormed the Capitol? Hell, they even constructed a gallows for that very purpose! You had to be whisked to safety by the Secret Service before the mob could find you and carry out their sick plan.

Many on Twitter also reminded the ex-Veep that he and others in the GOP were eager to claim the 2020 election had been stolen from Trump, which would have resulted in canceling the votes of 81 million Americans. Take a look:

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