Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is once again proving that while he may pretend to be a patriotic American, in reality he loves nothing more than tearing down the U.S. military for daring to address the issue of racism in the armed forces.

Gaetz, who got dressed down in humiliating fashion by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley last month, told The Spectator that “critical race theory” is the reason the Russians and Chinese are stronger militarily than the United States:

“Nobody in Russia is quivering over their ‘white rage’  — whatever that is. In China, they spend money modifying submarines, not the genders of service-members.’

“And I’m going to battle against this. Only a Benedict Arnold would surrender the Pentagon to the Woketopia without a fight. We should leave the CRT curriculum books in Kabul when the last US plane pulls up its landing gear on the way out.”

What Congressman Gaetz didn’t address is the fact that he never served a day in the military and is on the verge of being indicted for allegedly paying underage girls to sleep with him. Say what you will about Benedict Arnold, but at least he didn’t get caught hanging out at high schools trying to find girls who’d agree to show him a good time.

But it’s not just Gaetz who wants to denigrate the men and women of our armed forces.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) had this to say:

“Unfortunately, America’s military superiority is quickly eroding, in large part because idiotic and dangerous radical ‘WOKE’ politicians are changing America’s military from a powerful fighting machine into a weird social experiment. Money that should be spent on better training and weaponry is being diverted to transgender hormonal treatments, teaching racist critical race theory and the like. The radical left’s vision for America’s military is not only stupid and wacko, it is dangerous and risks American lives.”

The next time you hear a Republican say how they support our troops, remember that in reality they just want to use them as props. But when it comes time to actually stand behind those who fight for us, the GOP is far too busy trying to destroy this country with b.s. and lies.

Here’s Gaetz getting destroyed by Gen. Milley at a House hearing in June:

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