On Friday, shortly after the Cleveland Indians baseball team announced they would be changing their name to the Guardians beginning in 2022, Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers (R) decided she’d share her thoughts on that and other so-called “culture war” debates taking place, proudly declaring her fondness for “Aunt Jemima” and the Confederacy in a bizarre Twitter rant.

Rogers — who has been at the forefront of the controversial 2020 election “audit” taking place in Maricopa County — has also been suggesting that there should be a “do over” of the last presidential election, posted this:

Of course, the irony of Rogers insisting she doesn’t like “traitors who hate America” while she extols Lee and Stonewall Jackson is clearly lost on her. Both men were members of the Confederacy, which declared war on the legitimate government of the United States and actively fought against U.S. troops in a failed effort to impose their twisted will on the country.

The Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben references are also odd. The owners of those products decided to change the names to be more appropriate for the times, but now Rogers wants them to go back to the original? What gives her the right?

But perhaps the most telling sentence in Rogers’ tweet is “Stand up for our culture!” Whose culture would that be? The culture of White Anglo-Saxon protestants? It sure sounds like that’s what she’s advocating.

Others on Twitter also took Rogers to task for her posting:

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