Disgraced former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been pretending that he and disgraced Florida retiree Donald Trump are not responsible for the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

As the Taliban moves to take control of Kabul while the United States conducts final evacuations, it appears that 20 years of war were all for nothing since it is clear that the Afghan people were never going to be able to maintain control without decades of American occupation.

The withdrawal of American troops began under Trump in 2020 after his administration negotiated with the Taliban and foolishly believed they would strive for peace and renounce terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. Neither has come to pass, but Pompeo sure is desperate to blame President Joe Biden for the situation.

During a Fox News interview on Sunday, Pompeo laughably claimed that Biden and critical race theory are to blame for Afghanistan’s fall.

“Weak American leadership always harms American security,” Pompeo said. “So this is in the context of a Biden administration that has basically abandoned the global stage in favor of climate change. Right? They’ve been focused on critical race theory while the embassy is at risk. That didn’t happen during our four years.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

The focus on critical race theory actually has not been coming from the White House but has been fueled by conservatives hell-bent on whitewashing history. Biden has not “abandoned” the global stage either. In fact, as mentioned above, it was Trump and Pompeo who negotiated with the Taliban to end American presence in Afghanistan. Americans, or at least the intelligent ones, were having none of Pompeo’s blame game, which he’s been playing all week.

The only blame here should be placed squarely on Trump and Pompeo.

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