Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) insulted unemployed Americans on Tuesday by telling them to “get a job” and it didn’t go over well at all for him.

Because of the pandemic and low wages, millions of Americans are out of work or do not want to go back to work for little pay and no benefits, but stand to suffer since unemployment benefits are expiring. Republicans are standing in the way of renewing the benefits, as well as refusing to increase the minimum wage. Increasing the minimum wage alone would do much to alleviate the labor shortage in this country.

But Republicans like Cruz would rather force Americans to work for peanuts to keep the wealthy happy.

In response to the unemployment benefits running out, Cruz told Americans to “get a job.”

His callous post earned their wrath.

Ted Cruz gets paid by taxpayers, the very same taxpayers he is telling to get a job. The very same taxpayers he denies a fair minimum wage. He doesn’t do his own job and often abandons the people he works for. He should be the one without a job right now.

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