Conservatives continued to escalate their resistance against masks and vaccines in Kanas this week by literally calling for Democrats to be publicly executed on the Capitol steps eight months after the Capitol insurrection.

Republicans have politicized masks and vaccines so much that the Delta variant of the coronavirus has exploded across the country with no end in sight, especially in red states. As many elected officials continue working to protect public health with mask and vaccination mandates, anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are resorting to violence and threats to get their way.

According to the Kansas City Star, Democrats in Kansas are getting disturbing threats that Americans and law enforcement should take seriously considering there was a violent insurrection attempt on January 6th.

“The latest incident was on Thursday, according to Anne Pritchett, president of Johnson County Democratic Women,” the Star reported. “John Lacy, a spokesman for the Overland Park Police Department, said in an email that ‘Officers did make contact with a male who entered the office using foul language toward the staff. Prior to the male’s arrival he called the office upset about ‘wearing a mask’ and ‘vaccinations’ and was seeking information regarding obtaining a job.'”

“During an earlier phone call, and again at the office, Pritchett said, the man ranted about Afghanistan and vaccines. No arrest was made, and mental illness may have been involved,” the report continued. “But Pritchett said another threat came from a recent caller who said Democrats should be ‘tried for treason and executed on the Capitol steps.’ Others have been similarly menacing. ‘We are concerned,’ she said. ‘We want more than anything to see cooler heads prevail as we head into the November elections.'”

Clearly, this anti-science crusade perpetrated by Republicans and their supporters has gotten way out of hand and is feeding into their desire to overthrow democracy.

As conservatives plan future MAGA rallies that could spin into more violent insurrection attempts, the Department of Justice must hold insurrectionists accountable and must begin arresting and prosecuting Republicans who are inciting the violence. Democrats in Congress must also end the filibuster and start passing legislation that brings this extreme right-wing shift to heel. This country won’t survive otherwise.

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