The latest example of absurd revisionist history regarding former President Donald Trump comes directly from his son, Eric, who wants us all to believe that his father was working “24 hours a day” when he was in the White House.

During an appearance on Fox News Tuesday evening, Eric claimed that President Joe Biden and members of his administration are lazy in comparison to his father:

“These people are not present. The difference between them and my father, my father sat there 24 hours a day.”

S.V. Dáte of HuffPost quickly shot down Eric’s claim:

Here are some other facts that completely discredit Eric’s ludicrous brag about his daddy:

  • In 2019, Axios reported that 60% of Trump’s schedule was composed of “executive time,” which we later learned was little more than watching cable news and tweeting.
  • Trump often didn’t show up to the Oval Office until 11 a.m., which was soon followed by lunch.
  • The Donald spent 428 days of his presidency at a Trump Organization property.
  • The failed former president played almost 300 rounds of golf while in office. The cost of that to American taxpayers: More than $150 million.

Nice try, Eric, but we all know what a slacker your old man is. It’s one of many reasons we kicked him to the curb at the ballot box.

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