Attorney George Conway had a lot to say about Donald Trump’s wild ranting at a rally in Texas over the weekend in which he dangled pardons for insurrectionists, threatened prosecutors who are investigating him, and admitted that he attempted to overthrow democracy.

Trump’s Texas rally once again showcased Trump’s unfitness for any public office as well as his stupidity as he repeatedly incriminated himself by making it clear he wanted former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 Election results. He also said he would pardon the insurrectionists who violently stormed the Capitol on January 6th should he win the presidency again in 2024, yet another indication that Trump completely endorsed their actions that day. And as federal and state prosecutors close in on him in Georgia, New York, and Washington DC, Trump appeared to threaten them by calling for his supporters to intimidate them if he is indicted.

All of this drew a response from Conway, who frequently criticized Trump and helped defeat him in 2020.

“If it were possible for someone to have violated their oath of office before even taking it, he just did that right there,” Conway told CNN. “As far as the practical, legal implications of it are concerned, it actually goes to his intent for the second time he was impeached, his intent to obstruct — to cause an insurrection on Capitol Hill.”

“He actually wanted them to do this, and the fact that he is now praising them for having done this shows his intent was pretty much — his state of mind was pretty much as Stephanie Grisham has described it, he was glad they did it,” Conway continued. “And that, in turn, goes to the potential criminal investigation that he’s been apparently very much afraid of, given the speech he just gave. This goes to, again, his intent to obstruct, and I’m using words in Title 18 Section 1512c of the U.S. Code, to obstruct or otherwise impede the official proceedings before Congress to count the electoral votes.”

Conway then addressed Trump’s promise of pardons for the insurrectionists.

“He wanted that stopped, and he did that in a bunch of different ways; one was inciting violence which he now proposes to reward people with pardons,” he said. “He did that through strong-arming his vice president to overturn the election, as his statement last night said. And he did that in also — by having his campaign — I assume he had some involvement in it — prepare these false or fake electoral certificates. all of these things really — it’s all starting to gel, the public information.”

At this point, Conway suggested that it’s time for Trump to be read his Miranda rights, something that happens when the police arrest someone, and pointed out that Trump incriminated himself.

“As for Trump’s other comments, Conway added, “Somebody really should read him his Miranda rights. He has the right to remain silent,” Conway said. “The statements when he praises the insurrectionists? He’s not a very smart man, he’s a very arrogant man,” he continued. “Sometimes, every so often, when it comes to his bad intent, he tells the truth. That’s what he’s saying here; he wanted to end constitutional democracy in the United States and he’s just out and out admitting it now.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

What more will it take for the Justice Department to finally prosecute Trump?

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