Former President Donald Trump’s control of the Republican Party seems to be fading fast according to new polls that show candidates in high-profile state races endorsed by Trump falling far behind in the polls.

A Fox News poll released on Tuesday for the GOP gubernatorial race in Georgia has incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp has a 50-39 lead over former Sen. David Perdue, who is running with the full support of the ex-president.

Democrat Chris Anderson, who conducts the Fox News poll with Republican Daron Shaw, noted:

“There is more energy and interest in the election among voters who are favorable towards Trump, but that does not appear to be enough to propel Perdue to victory. The problem for Perdue, and Trump, is that Kemp remains broadly popular.  Trump is more popular, but he has not been able to leverage his standing to diminish Kemp’s.”

The news is equally dire in the North Carolina Senate primary, where Trump threw his support to Rep. Ted Budd (R), who is facing off against former Gov. Pat McRory. So far, Budd is only managing to garner a paltry 24% of those surveyed for a new Politico poll, which is down a full five points from a January poll. McCrory leads at 35%, and former Rep. Mark Walker is favored by 17% of those polled.

Budd is doing so poorly that Trump is trying to get Walker to end his bid for the Senate seat, Politico reports:

Amid speculation in Trump world that the former president has grown to regret his early endorsement of Budd, Trump raised the issue at a Republican National Committee donor dinner in New Orleans on Saturday, according to audio of the event obtained by POLITICO.

“How are we doing? How’s Ted Budd doing? OK?” Trump asked North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley from the stage. “All right, we gotta get Walker out of that race. Get him out of the race, Michael, right?”

Seeing his influence wane among the GOP, Trump is even considering making multiple endorsements in some races:

“[That way] I get two chances to win,” Trump reportedly said.

Or two chances to lose, especially if the Republican he throws his support to winds up losing in the general election, which is certainly a possibility and would prove once and for all that the GOP fascination with Trump has indeed run its course.

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