“Fox & Friends” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy suggested Sunday morning that President Joe Biden’s remarks while visiting Poland about Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin being a “butcher” are somehow proof that he was installed in the White House by a “cabal.”

During a discussion of Biden’s trip to Europe to meet with NATO allies, Campos-Duffy latched onto Biden’s use of the word “butcher” to describe Putin, a man who is allowing his military to bomb hospitals and orphanages:

“Language matters, communication matters, precision in your language matters because we’re talking about nuclear war. We’re talking about potentially World War III. The leader of the free world, our president, went over to Europe and he was supposed to make things better.”

Campos-Duffy then went on an extended whinefest about how terrible it is that Biden hasn’t been able to reach a “peaceful negotiation” with Putin:

“There are even refugees from Ukraine who are sad about what’s happened to their country and just want the war to end. Others want to fight to the bitter end for their country. Others want an end to it. We were hoping Joe Biden might actually find a way to bring about peace.”

It’s difficult to “bring about peace” when another country is hellbent on destroying as much of a neighboring country as possible.

As if all that rhetoric from the Fox host wasn’t enough, she also added:

“And then we get this belligerent language, this sloppy language that I feel is escalating this. I’m waiting for the Democrats who spent four years saying how dangerous Donald Trump was to come out and finally admit that the world was safer under Donald Trump, that this is the most dangerous period of time in my history, in my lifetime.”

Co-host Pete Hegseth added his two cents to the discussion by claiming that Democrats would be demanding that the 25th Amendment be invoked if Trump had said the things Biden did.

Campos-Duffy even managed to get Trump’s “Big Lie” into the discussion, remarking:

“Whatever this cabal is that put this man in place, um, you guys are all responsible for what’s happening right now.”

So, according to Rachel Campos-Duffy, the 81,268,924 Americans who voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now a “cabal.” Good to know. It proves that Republicans don’t respect the will of the majority.

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