Apparently, Bill O’Reilly thinks that wagging his finger and making threats can speed up an airline.

Newsflash … it doesn’t.

But that didn’t stop a maskless O’Reilly on Sunday from bullying and threatening a Jet Blue employee with violence, according to the employee’s words on the video.

He was apparently upset that his flight to Turks & Caicos was delayed. That caused O’Reilly to say something to the Jet Blue employee that caused the employee to say that “you’re threatening me with violence” to the ex-Fox News host. What O’Reilly said exactly is unintelligible, but his response was a childish “I know you are but what am I” style retort, saying “no I didn’t, you did.” He then followed up by saying that he said “you’re lucky I don’t.” That statement, while lacking any violent context, certainly was at least a thinly veiled threat.

Bill O’Reilly then went from there to losing any veils of any thickness and called the berated employee “a f’ing scumbag” and threatened his job by saying directly “you are going to lose your job.”

What was this all over? Apparently, according to what can be made out in the video, it was all over the Jet Blue employee not specifically knowing why the plane was delayed or when the flight would take off.

That made him a “f’ing scumbag” in O’Reilly’s book.

Check out the full video below:

Bill O’Reilly lost his lucrative prime-time Fox News job back in 2017 when, after settling five sexual harassment lawsuits, the network lost over half of its advertisers in a week. 

After such a thing, one could argue that O’Reilly was the only actual “scumbag” on that video.

Since then, O’Reilly has been doing his TV work on Newsmax and First TV, two minor league networks that feature news from a conservative or right-wing perspective. Apparently, the gig pays well enough for O’Reilly to vacation to tropical islands but seemingly has not taught him any manners or modesty, at least according to this video.

It is also interesting to note that O’Reilly has his mask dropped to his chin in the video, a day before the public transportation mask mandate was ended by the ruling of a Trump-appointed judge.