While President Donald Trump continues to incite his supporters to lay siege to state capitals in order to force Democratic governors to relax social distancing and stay-at-home orders too early, former Vice President Joe Biden called them out for using guns as an intimidation tactic.

Trump called for his armed supporters to “liberate” states from Democratic governors on Twitter after a group of terrorists surrounded the capitol in Michigan and demanded Governor Gretchen Whitmer re-open the state as Trump demands.

Now they are staging armed protests in several states, even carrying their guns inside the Michigan capitol building. One protester even called for Whitmer to be hanged and Trump demanded she make a deal with the protesters.

Of course, no one should make a deal with these terrorists. They are endangering public safety and they belong in prison.

On Saturday, Biden addressed the armed protests during an interview on MSNBC.

“They’re armed and I’m told one or two of them had Nazi flags or Confederate flags — I don’t know which it was, I can’t swear to that, I didn’t see it,” he began.

Just to clarify, the protesters have been carrying both flags, and it’s more than just one or two of them.

He then called upon Trump to denounce this behavior and tell them to go home and follow the recommendations of health experts so they can keep themselves and their families from contracting and possibly dying from coronavirus.

“Such an attempt to intimidate is just beyond the pale and the president should be speaking out and say it’s totally inappropriate to intimidate a governor who is doing one heck of a job. She’s listening to the scientists, she’s listening to the docs, she’s listening to the experts and that’s her judgment and it should be sustained and not have a bunch of people coming in, in numbers, with loaded weapons sitting in the hallways of the legislative body. It’s wrong.

Here’s the video via Daily Motion:

Indeed, it’s very wrong. If these protesters were black or brown they would be shot to death and the survivors arrested and jailed. This is a public health emergency and getting a hair cut or nails done is just not as important as saving lives right now. If Trump truly cared about saving lives he would tell his goons to stand down. Biden cares about the American people and proved it. It’s just too bad that he can’t be president right now.

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