In 2017, President Donald Trump made disturbing waves when he referred to neo-nazi terrorists as “very fine people” and drew false equivalencies between fascists and people against fascism.

One would think that even Trump would be aware enough not to make that mistake again, but that stream of logic would be incorrect when it comes to the POTUS.

This week, a group of armed “protesters” stormed the Michigan capitol building demanding that Governor Whitmer re-open the state at the threat of their guns. These “protesters” even called for the lynching of the governor if their demands are not met.

Most reasonable people wouldn’t call that “protesting” but would more properly call it what it is — terrorism. In fact, what the armed people in Michigan are doing is the very definition of the word terrorism.

  1. the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

America has had a long-standing policy, or principle, if one prefers, of not ever negotiating ith terrorists. Apparently, Donald Trump didn’t get that memo. He suggested Governor Whitmer negotiate with the armed terrorists that are threatening her life if she does not succumb to their whims.

It is interesting that Trump says they “want their lives back again” when all Governor Whitmer has been doing is making sure they have a life to begin with. Trump seems to give no deference to that fact.

Furthermore, he referred to the armed terrorists as “very good people” akin to his “very fine people” remarks after Charlottesville — an event that ended in the murder of Heather Heyer, who dared to stand up against the neo-nazis.

Many see this as one of Trump’s most disturbing tweets in a tenure that has been full of disturbing tweets. He obviously has learned nothing from the past and continues to promote and support terrorists who do not represent America or most Americans who have overwhelmingly approved of the “stay at home’ orders put forth by the nation’s governors.

America doesn’t need minority groups of terrorists threatening Governors and other officials who have done nothing but enact policies that have kept them safe. Policies that are both prudent and compassionate. Furthermore, America certainly doesn’t need a POTUS who actively supports domestic terrorists who are trying to impose their selfish will on the nation using the threats of violence and murder.