Demonstrating how weak Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is in her district, several GOP candidates smelled blood and drew their knives against her during a primary debate over the weekend.

Greene may not even be able to appear on the ballot in November if a lawsuit challenging her eligibility succeeds because the 14th Amendment clearly states that no one can serve in public office if they aided or participated in an insurrection against the United States. Greene did just that in January 2021 when Trump supporters she helped incite violently stormed the Capitol to overthrow democracy.

In addition, she has been a useless member of Congress who has done nothing but embarrass her district while failing to help serve her constituents.

Greene is obviously a weak incumbent Republican lawmaker, which is why Democrats are confident they can flip her district. It’s also why Republicans are lining up to challenge her. During the GOP primary debate, Seth Synstelien trashed her record and noted she has used her position in Congress to enrich herself.

“We’re all here because we have concerns about the seat,” Synstelien said. “See, you bought contractor stock before railing against profitable wars. Your words and actions are consistently inconsistent. No bill you’ve authored has passed and you have no committee power to advocate for this district.”

Indeed, the House stripped Greene of her committee assignments because of her calls to assassinate Democratic lawmakers and other ignorant and hateful remarks.

“Without resorting to rhetoric about Democrat boogeymen, Biden and the woke left, answer this,” Synstelien continued. “Can you tell us one or two specific objectives that affect our wallets that you can actually pass and explain how you plan to get it done without being guaranteed a committee assignment?”

Greene dubiously claimed that she had no idea about the stock purchase, similar to how she can’t recall any of the incriminating text messages or statements she made leading up to the insurrection. Greene also made excuses for why she is so ineffective as a lawmaker, blaming the Democrats as usual even though members of her own party avoid her. She then promised that she’ll fare better if Republicans take back Congress.

Synstelien didn’t buy it.

“That’s too big an if,” he replied. “Voting for Ms. Greene is a gamble as she’s not guaranteed committee power. She’s not even accountable for her own tweets or her staff’s. We’re still not clear on who is acting on the district’s behalf. So, how can anyone expect her to bring accountability to Washington? Her only leadership trait right now is rallying people against an enemy. And little to none of what she just said encourages business in our district or fights out-of-control inflation.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Greene is unfit to hold public office. The only reason she is in Congress now is that her Democratic opponent in 2020 dropped out of the race due to personal reasons. Her constituents didn’t have a real choice. But now they do in Democratic candidate Marcus Flowers.

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