The question is being asked in whispers as the 2020 Republican convention begins: If President Donald Trump loses to Joe Biden in November, who becomes the odds-on favorite to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2024?

While many in the GOP are urging members of their party to remain focused on the race at hand, others are already looking ahead to the 2024.

The name that keeps coming up whenever 2024 is discussed just so happens to be a Trump, too, HuffPost notes:

“At a rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in late February, Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, were hands down the most popular warmup speakers, even getting a prolonged roar as they walked to and from the camera riser for a  pre-rally interview.

“When he took the stage a short time later, a chant of ’46’ arose from the 15,000 — a reference to the president who will follow his father. Trump Jr. smiled but did not try to discourage them.

“’Let’s focus on 2020 first. Eyes on the prize, all right? But thank you,’ he said from the stage.”

But would another Trump be a good idea for Republicans, who are already facing the prospect of becoming the Party of Trump? Not everyone believes nominating Don Jr. in 2024 would be a wonderful thing.

John Ryder, a former Republican National Committee member, said a Trump dynasty for the GOP is doomed to fail:

“The same reason that Jeb Bush was a bad idea and Hillary Clinton was a bad idea, Don Jr. is a bad idea. The American public is not attracted to dynasties. I think that would be very, very difficult to make that case to the American people.”

Longtime Trump critic Rick Wilson said he agrees wholeheartedly with Ryder, but that may not stop the ascent of Junior:

“This is the dawn of the age of the imperial Trumps. He is going to say, ‘Donald J. Trump Jr., my son and heir, is the only one who can continue in my footsteps. They are a dynastic political force now. It’s douchebag dynasty of the Trump family.”

The push for a Trump dynasty inside the GOP could also lead to a messy civil war among Republicans, one former White House aide predicted:

“I think it goes into a civil war. They’re all going to be at each other’s throats.”

And that sort of internecine fighting in an already fractured party could wind up splitting it into a million pieces. But if keeps Republicans out of power, then Democrats should certainly hope it comes to pass.

Featured Image Via Fox News