In typical Republican fashion, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) decided on Monday that he would reverse himself (i.e. flip-flop) and support the PACT Act, which extends healthcare benefits to American veterans who were exposed to dangerous toxins during their service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Just last week, you may recall, Cruz was so delighted with his refusal to sign on to the PACT bill that he happily did a fist bump with his Republican Senate colleague from Montana, Steve Daines, an image which, to borrow a line from Franklin Roosevelt, will live in infamy:

That image, along with Cruz’s reversal, HuffPost notes, didn’t sit well with “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert:

Critics said it was a spite move done out of unhappiness with Democrats for reaching a deal to raise taxes on the wealthy and invest in both climate and healthcare. Colbert called it “baldly cynical” and “pointlessly malicious.”

But that wasn’t all Colbert had to say on the matter, and he let loose on Monday evening’s broadcast, giving Cruz a nickname that’s not only accurate, it’s also downright hilarious, which makes it likely it’ll stick:

”Texas senator, and butthole all dressed up for his prostate exam.”

The host continued:

“I imagine there are some veterans out there who would also like to bump Ted Cruz with their fists.”

It’s also important to keep in mind that Cruz supported the PACT act back in June, but suddenly changed his mind:

Cruz was among many Republicans who voted for the seemingly uncontroversial bill in June when it passed the Senate 84-14. But then last week, he joined with 24 other Republicans who changed their votes and blocked the bill.

As for the “flip” made by Cruz and some of his GOP colleagues, Colbert had a flip of his own for the Republicans who put politics ahead of healthcare for heroes:

Here’s Colbert’s full monologue regarding Ted Cruz:

Featured Image Via CBS