In yet another incitement of violence against the Justice Department following the FBI serving a search warrant at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, GOP House candidate Carl Paladino called for Attorney General Merrick Garland to be killed.

Paladino, who is a Trump supporter, is running for Congress in New York and is one of the most incendiary Republicans in the country. During a recent interview, Paladino complained like many other Republicans about the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, a search that recovered several boxes of classified documents that reportedly included nuclear weapons secrets and signals intelligence. But just like Trump has incited violence against the FBI and DOJ, Paladino incited violence against Garland.

“So we have a couple of unelected people who are running our government with an administration of people like Garland,” Paladino said. “He should be not only impeached he should probably, should be executed, the guy is just lost.”

“To raid the home of a former president is just, people are scratching their heads and they’re saying, ‘What is wrong with this guy?'” Paladino continued.

Of course, it’s only Republicans who are saying that because it’s their guy who got busted hiding classified documents inside his home and may have violated the Espionage Act. Trump could very well be prosecuted and faces prison time.

After being given a chance to explain his remarks, Paladino claimed to just be joking and went on to make more bizarre claims about Garland and the FBI search warrant.

“I’m just being facetious,” Paladino insisted. “The man should be removed from office. He shows his incompetence. He wants to get his face in front of the people. And in short, he’s got some mettle to him, but his choice of issues and his choice of methodology is very sad. And then he wants to take full blame for it, you know he’ll stand there.”

There was nothing wrong with Garland’s methodology. The search warrant was approved by the highest levels of the Justice Department and approved by a federal judge. To get this warrant, prosecutors would need evidence that Trump has not turned over all the materials and documents that the DOJ subpoenaed after the National Archives referred Trump to the DOJ. This is how search warrants work.

Furthermore, Garland has gone to great lengths to keep himself out of the spotlight since taking office. It should also be pointed out that President Joe Biden was elected president in 2020 and he is the one who appointed Garland to the post. Garland was also confirmed by the Senate.

Once again, a Republican is inciting violence against the DOJ. Paladino’s words should absolutely be taken as a threat that law enforcement and prosecutors should investigate. Republicans must be held accountable for what they say and do because they are going to get someone killed.

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