Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) drew overwhelming backlash on Wednesday in response to his criticism of and opposition to President Joe Biden’s student loan debt relief decision that will help millions of Americans.

Biden’s announcement this week that his administration will cancel up to $20,000 of student loan debt and reduce the amount of income borrowers pay on their loans drew a mostly positive reaction, especially from working-class Americans who struggle to juggle student loan payments with more essential bills. The move benefits not only borrowers who support Democrats, but also Republicans.

But Republican lawmakers and conservative media are raging over this victory for the working class, with McConnell issuing a statement on Twitter calling it an “unfair” redistribution of wealth and a “slap in the face.”

This is the same man who pushed a massive tax cut that handed wealthy Americans $1.9 trillion in handouts in 2017 while raising taxes on the rest of us.

Biden’s student debt relief announcement is one of the few times in recent years that the government has sought to put money back in the pockets of working-class Americans, who can use that money in other ways and boost the economy in the process. This should be something Republicans support, and their voters are certainly welcome to refuse the debt forgiveness and keep paying on their loans as usual. Something tells me that’s not going to happen. Republican voters should remember that their party opposes them getting a break. If Republicans had their way, Americans would be forced to keep paying ridiculous student loan payments.

Americans ripped McConnell and the GOP a new one.

Indeed, spare us the outrage. Republicans have spent decades making life harder for working-class Americans. Opposing student loan debt relief is the real slap in the face to the working class and we should vote accordingly in November. Any Republican who whines about this should never win an election ever again.

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