A rally of pro-Trump supporters on the grounds of the Capitol took place on Friday afternoon, but the pathetic turnout — 27 people, including two security guards — left organizers trying to explain the poor turnout.

As you’d expect, they didn’t blame themselves. Instead, they began spinning conspiracy theories.

The Daily Beast notes that the plan had been to gather, foment hatred of the Biden administration, and whine about January 6 rioters who remain behind bars for attacking Congress while it was in session.

But it’s kind of difficult to gin up much enthusiasm when everyone stays home, especially when “agitators” and Antifa have targeted you.

(Matt) Braynard, a leading Jan. 6 advocate and director of the right-wing organization “Look Ahead America,” took to the miniature stage and almost immediately cried foul over five liberal activists who had shown up to protest the event.

But these weren’t any activists. Instead, these activists, who event organizer John Paul Moran referred to as “paid agitators” and members of Antifa, brought particularly upsetting and bothersome trinkets to derail the pro-Trump rally: whistles.

“I want you to recognize something,” Braynard said. “They are trying to interrupt. That’s why they’re blowing the whistle. To make it hard to hear us!”

Then there was Deborah Weiss, an attorney who suggested the weather was to blame: It was just too beautiful to attract a crowd.

“First of all, it’s a weekday during the day, [and] a lot of people work,” she told The Daily Beast. “Second of all, it’s very, very hard for conservative groups to get their message out right before the election,” she said before claiming email invitations for the event were censored by suspicious left-wing forces.

Joseph McBride raised the specter of Antifa.

“You have members of Antifa over there,” he declared to The Daily Beast before being called up on stage by failed Virginia Republican Senate candidate Ivan Raiklin to address the crowd.

Antifa. Agitators. Sunny skies. There’s no end to the excuses Trumpers will make when it comes to why their so-called “movement” is turning into little more than a dying cult.

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