Kari Lake is demanding that an Arizona court overturn Katie Hobbs’ victory in last month’s midterm and immediately declare the former television news anchor governor-elect or, barring that, just throw out the 2022 election and re-do it.

Sound familiar? Wait, there’s more …

In a rambling lawsuit that alleges the election in Maricopa County was irredeemably flawed by “intentional misconduct,” including the “hacking” of election machines to disenfranchise Republican voters, and hundreds of thousands of allegedly “illegal ballots (that) infected the election,” Lake says the court must throw out her 17,000-vote loss to Hobbs and order the county to conduct a new election.

But Lake’s lawsuit contains very little evidence of wrongdoing, relying instead almost entirely on statements from poll workers and observers, as well as analyses by partisan actors.

Lake’s 70 page suit goes on to insist that there is no other explanation that some Maricopa County printers malfunctioned than “intentional misconduct.” The suit is filled with buzzwords like “hacked election equipment” and “illegal ballots” but again, offers no proof of her claims except testimony from a “cybersecurity expert” who seemingly cannot fathom the idea of a printer malfunctioning on its own. Anyone who has worked in an office for more than a month could probably contradict such a claim.

She claims that between 15,600 and 29,300 Republican voters were disenfranchised because of the “oppressively long lines” caused by those problem. That estimate was determined by extrapolating the results of a 800-person exit poll done by a partisan Republican political blogger and pollster whose public opinion surveys are generally considered unreliable.

So, long lines disenfranchises voters? Someone might want to inform the folks who like to eliminate polling places in poorer communities in the nation, particularly ones controlled by Republicans.

This lawsuit brought by Kari Lake sounds very much like claims made by Team Trump in 2020. Trump lost over 60 times in court as his claims rarely had any evidence to back them up.

Yes, some equipment malfunctioned. It was fixed as fast as humanly possible and the polls were allowed to remain open to make up for the time lost. That doesn’t constitute a brand new election. The “extrapolating” done by her partisan blogger doesn’t seem to have any basis in reality either. But such things never stopped Trump from trying to bully his way to being installed as “leader” and similarly Kari Lake seems to be drawing from that same well of arrogance and desire to get one’s own way regardless of the facts and very real results that showed her losing.