On Tuesday, former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon visited E. Palestine. He used the guise of a “town hall” to sell the residents various products including water filtration systems. He brought with him coupons for $80 off water filtration systems from his sponsor, My Patriot Supply.

At the “town hall” event, Bannon praised former President Donald Trump’s visit to the town and accused the Biden administration of abandoning E. Palestine. He allowed a representative from My Patriot Supply to speak to the audience about their products, including the Alexapure Pro water filtration system.

“Joe Rieck, tell us about one of the products there,” Bannon said, motioning at a table holding merchandise. “We wanna make sure everybody in East Palestine and at home knows about it.”

“So today I brought our Alexapure Pro water filtration system,” Rieck replied. “This is a must for every family. Every family in America needs to be filtering their water. You cannot trust what your local authorities are telling you what is in your drinking water. So everybody can save $80 today on our Alexapure water filtration system here at MyPatriotSupply.”

“We want to show our support to the people of East Palestine,” he added. “That is why we’re here. We will be here along with Steve, along with John, educating people on what to do for different emergencies, how to get better prepared, what items you might need, anything from water filtration to long-term emergency food to power banks so you can power your cell phone if the power goes out.”

The basic system starts at around 200 dollars, but that isn’t the final expense by a longshot. The system requires regular changing of the filters at 87 dollars a pop (and that’s the “sale” price). So Bannon is essentially grifting himself a residual income in perpetuity in exchange for 80 bucks off the initial price.

Steve Bannon has had a troubled legal history. In 2020, he was charged with federal fraud related to his We Build the Wall charity, but was pardoned by then-President Trump before the trial could begin. He is currently facing money laundering and conspiracy charges in a similar case in New York state court.

Check out Steve Bannon and his cronies grifting the people of E Palestine below …