Sources have informed WNBC that Allen Weisselberg, the former Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization, has cut ties with his Trump Organization-funded lawyers.

Weisselberg is not the first one to take this route. Michael Cohen did it before he turned against Trump. Cassidy Hutchinson also had a Trump-funded lawyer before she fired him and got another lawyer in order to speak honestly to the Jan. 6 investigatory committee about her experiences working for former chief of staff Mark Meadows. Each time a Trump-funded lawyer was let go, it has been an indication that the individual was about to flip.

Currently, Weisselberg is serving a five-month sentence in the notorious Rikers Island jail. MSNBC’s Ali Velshi has suggested that if someone was pushing Weisselberg to flip, now would be the time. Last month, the New York Times reported that the Manhattan prosecutor’s office was looking into possibly filing new charges against Weisselberg for fraud.

Nick Gravante and Mary Mulligan have both parted ways with Weisselberg.

“Our colleagues at NBC have reported that Weisselberg’s attorneys, who were being paid for by the Trump Organization, are no longer representing him,” Velshi said. “It’s a big deal. That could explain the delay.”

Trump claimed eight days ago that he was about to be arrested, yet that has yet to happen. There is also no evidence that he has been indicted yet either, as grand juries are kept secret. If Trump is indeed indicted, it is likely that he will be the one to leak the information, as the district attorney is not allowed to disclose any details from the grand jury.

If Weisselberg has indeed flipped on Trump, that could spell big trouble for the former President who is under multiple civil and criminal investigations.

You can check out the full segment with Ali Velshi reporting on MSNBC below …