Pro-Trump vandalism incidents have been staining our nation for years, since the former president’s first campaign in 2016. In one highly-publicized incident, a Black church in Mississippi was torched, with the words “VOTE TRUMP” spray-painted on the side of the structure.

In Chicago, a MAGA Trump supporter was arrested on charges of felony stalking, criminal damage to property, and hate crimes after a series of anti-LGBTQ vandalism against his neighbors and foolishly left an incriminating sticker authorities used to track him down, reported Block Club Chicago.

The suspect has been identified as 62-year-old Thomas Howard.

“On six occasions between May and January, Howard vandalized a home near Bryn Mawr and Milwaukee avenues, prosecutors said in court last week. He cut up neighbor’s Pride flag twice; spray painted conservative, far-right slogans on their garage and left hateful messages on their property, prosecutors said, according to CBS2,” the reporter added, “The homeowners declined to comment. They previously told Block Club the incidents were caught on their home cameras and were cause for concern, but they were not intimidated.”

“In the middle of August, video captured a man on the porch as he left a banana with the words ‘Impeach OBiden and Hack Harris’ scribbled in Sharpie, the family previously said,” the report continued, after which neighbors stepped up and helped undo the damage by putting up murals of LGBTQ affirmation on the property, with “Police officers, aldermanic candidates and even Mayor Lori Lightfoot (expressing) support for the family.”

The attacks ceased from October until January, according to the report. During the January attack, “Howard left a sticker of a cartoon President Donald Trump urinating on President Joe Biden’s name on the family’s newly painted mural” and “tagged the garage with disparaging language,” according to prosecutors. Chicago police found the online seller of that sticker, and Howard was the sole person in the area who had ordered one. That sunk his ship.

Howard was held on $80,000 bail and ordered to have no contact with victims or the location of the vandalism, said Tandra Simonton, the State’s Attorney’s Office spokesperson. He was released from jail over the weekend after posting bond, court records show.

“I’ve taken ownership of what I’ve done, and I’m not proud of it,” Howard said in court.