Ron DeSantis has been in a futile war with the Disney Corporation for some time now. His war seems to be doing more harm than good. So, of course, over at Fox News, they thought they might try to help the Governor and possible presidential candidate out.

They probably didn’t help much.

Fox News put out some publicity, disguised as a news story, about what they describe as a perfect alternative for parents who don’t want Mickey Mouse indoctrinating their kids with values like kindness, compassion, consent, and pursuing one’s dreams.

That “perfect place” is The Logos Theater. The owners of the theater are trying to sell it as the “Disney alternative.”

It is the perfect alternative for folks who think a rice cake is the perfect alternative to a great slice of pizza. Or for conservative “Christians” who want to go to a 3rd rate presentation of a Disney movie character.

The theater is touting their presentation of an obscure book from The Chronicles of Narnia done as a puppet show. The boldest claim the theater is making is that kids can see a puppet version of Aslan The Lion or a horse that takes 3 people to operate. <gasp>

In Fox’s promotion of the “Disney alternative,” they point to how their guests can be free of things Disney did to make young children feel less comfortable.

And what exactly are those objectionable things? The first is consent. In the song, “Kiss The Girl” a lyric was changed so no one thinks Ariel is having a kiss forced upon her. Because forced kissing is a conservative Christian value, apparently.

The second change  is in another song, “Poor Unfortunate Souls” — sung by classic Disney villain Ursula. It has had its lyrics updated because some of the lines “might make young girls somehow feel that they shouldn’t speak out of turn.”

Because women who speak up for themselves is against Christianity, apparently.

Beyond large puppets in a play, they don’t seem to really offer any alternative to the fun at Disney. No rides, no Star Wars, no real animals, no presentations of things and food from nations around the world, no monorail, no themed hotels, no Space Mountain, no meet and greets with beloved characters, and nothing other than large puppets.

It is doubtful that Disney is shaking in their Mouseketeer hats over this “competition.”

Seemingly, the way to avoid experiencing anything “woke” at Disney, conservative Christian children will be bored enough to just fall asleep at the “perfect alternative.” Or, if they aren’t snoozing, they can “feel comfortable” knowing that men can force themselves upon them and they are free to keep their mouths shut at the Logos Theater.