Roger Stone has been a fixture in the underbelly of right wing politics since the Nixon administration. In fact, back in the 70s, Stone was labeled as one of Nixon’s “dirty tricksters” during that time. Stone carries an arrogance around him that few can match. But a new revelation might do some damage in regards to his effectiveness with the man who has become his political meal ticket, Donald Trump.

Stone was caught on a hot mic by filmmakers Christoffer Guldbrandsen and Frederik Marbell, bragging about how he has manipulated the former president for decades, even while he served in the White House.

The pair caught Stone while filming their documentary, A Storm Foretold.

“I have a 40-year record of being able to convince the big man to do what’s in his best interest. He’s not easy to deal with. It’s complicated,” Stone said. “He resents any implication that he is handled or managed or directed.”

Stone then shows how such a manipulation occurs — with him pretending to be an adviser but really just making stuff up to make Trump do his bidding.

“You have to say, ‘Remember that night when we were in Buffalo. And you gave that speech, and God, it had to be 10,000 people, the biggest crowd they’d ever seen. And you said XYZ, and the place went crazy, remember that? I don’t know where you came up with that line, but it’s one of the best things.’”

Stone then showed how Trump tends to respond to such lies.

“Yeah, I’m going to use that one again,” Stone said, playing the part of Trump.

The longtime Trump ally claimed he had used such tactics for decades.

“Doesn’t f***ing matter that he never said it—doesn’t matter,” Stone said. “It’s time-consuming, but it works. I did it for 30 years.”

Apparently, Stone forgot he was wearing a microphone when he did his bragging.

Also interesting is how he was publicly just talking about Trump at one of his campaign rallies at Trump’s Doral resort just minutes earlier. The difference is staggering.

“I want to talk to you about Donald Trump,” Stone tells the crowd of MAGA-hat-wearing attendees. “Someone who is a force of nature in himself. Someone who marches to his own drummer. Someone who is not handled, not managed. Not controlled. A man who cannot be bossed. And cannot be bought, which has made him one of the greatest presidents since Abraham Lincoln.”

What these two scenes clearly show in the documentary is how Stone is about as dishonest as they come. His words on the stage are contradicted totally backstage when Stone tells people what he really thinks. To Stone, the rally audience and Trump’s supporters are just suckers waiting to be fleeced. And Stone is more than happy to do the fleecing.

Other scenes in the documentary show Roger Stone to be a person most probably wouldn’t want to have a beer with. Especially if one is a member of Trump’s family.

Stone was also caught in the film calling Ivanka Trump an “abortionist b*tch” and suggesting he wanted to “fight” Jared Kushner after not receiving a Trump pardon. Stone also said Trump would get his “f***ing brains beat in” if he ran for president a 3rd time.

A Storm Foretold was initially released in Denmark earlier this year. Many in the US are eagerly awaiting a US release date. Roger Stone is probably hoping it never gets released in America.