Donald Trump Jr. went on Hannity last night and made about the most ridiculous statement he could make. Don Jr. actually lamented that he wished he was the son of the former Vice President, because then he would have a chance to be wealthy.

Yes, really — he said that.

“I wish my name was Hunter Biden. I could go abroad and make millions off my father’s presidency. I’d be a really rich guy”

Don Jr. then tried to opine that he hasn’t made even a buck and a half since his father has become President. Something that is categorically false.

Where to stat with this one?

First off, Trump Jr has been the beneficiary of his father’s name since he was born.  But let’s start by clearing up exactly what happened with Hunter Biden in Ukraine and China. According to an investigative piece by GQ just this month:

It is perhaps true that when the vice president is in charge of American foreign policy in Ukraine, his son’s service on the board of a Ukrainian energy company is not a great look. But the Trumps have omitted or misstated key facts en route to their anti-nepotism outrage. Biden joined the international community in calling for the ouster of Ukraine’s then-prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, because Shokin was slow-walking investigations and ignoring the corruption he’d been charged with rooting out. If anything, Biden’s efforts to get rid of Shokin increased the likelihood that the energy company, Burisma Holdings, would face meaningful scrutiny.

The $1.5-billion-from-China talking point, meanwhile, is a wildly-distorted reference to the financial maneuverings of an investment fund called BHR Partners. Hunter Biden served on the fund’s advisory board beginning in 2013, and acquired a ten-percent stake in 2017. A lawyer for Hunter Biden told the Washington Post that his client received no compensation as a BHR board member, and has not seen a return on his investment since becoming an investor.

In 2014, BHR Partners apparently launched an effort to raise $1.5 billion in capital. One of its major shareholders is the state-owned Bank of China. In late 2013, Hunter Biden accompanied his father on a diplomatic trip to China, and they briefly met in a hotel lobby with a BHR investor. Twelve days later, Hunter accepted his unpaid board position, the Post says.

So, whereas Hunter’s actions might make some eyes roll and others groan, nothing he did was illegal and the fact is, the “billions and millions” he allegedly made never really happened. Just like many other things that come out of Trumpland, the Hunter Biden thing is only another conspiracy theory based on out of context and incomplete snippets of information and misinformation that they have repeated over and over.

Now, let’s look at how Don Jr. and Trumps other siblings actually have cashed in and done other damage to America.

On Day 1, inauguration day, Trump’s D.O.J. issued an opinion that green lighted both Ivanka Trump’s and her husband Jared Kushner’s allowance into working at the WHite House as “advisors.” This has forever lessened anti-nepotism laws that were designed to prevent just what they were doing.

What did they do with the new found power? Let’s all go to China

Both Jared and Ivanka, who took a “formal leave of absence” from her eponymous fashion label to serve in her father’s White House, have taken full advantage of the benefits of their new jobs. In April, on the same day she and Kushner sat next to Chinese president Xi Jinping at a White House state dinner, the Chinese government gave its conditional approval for three trademarks granting Ivanka what the AP called “monopoly rights” to sell Ivanka-branded jewelry, bags, and spa services. China approved two more rounds of trademarks in May and June, according to Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a nonpartisan government watchdog.

In mid-2018, Ivanka shuttered her clothing brand altogether, citing a desire to focus on her work in Washington. However, she has since continued to seek potentially lucrative trademarks in China, leaving open the possibility that she could return to the brand after her time in public service concludes. (“As the daughter of the U.S. President, Ivanka Trump has an initial advantage of publicity,” Chinese designer Yang Mei explained to TIME in 2017.) Last fall, in the midst of her father’s trade war with China and his efforts to strike a new trade agreement between the two global superpowers, she won initial approval for 16 trademarks, and added five more to her portfolio earlier this year.

But wait, there’s more …

Forbes says, the brothers have sold off more than $100 million worth of Trump Organization real estate. That includes a $33 million sale of the company’s stake in a federally subsidized housing complex—a sale Secretary of House & Urban Development Ben Carson had to approve. Then there is a $3.2 million sale of land in the Dominican Republic last year, which Forbes called “the clearest violation of their father’s pledge to do no new foreign deals while in office.” On top of that, taxpayers cover the security costs of each trip the pair makes—in the first two months of 2017 alone that included $97,830 for a trip to Uruguay, $53,155.25 for a trip to Vancouver, and $16,738.36 for a trip to Dubai, according to NBC News.

All the kids are profiting off the Trump Hotel in Washington DC. Where we don’t know exactly how much each of the Trump kids have made, in a filing made by Ivanka, it is easy to guess that each have made at least 4 million off the hotel.

Yes, it looks like Don Jr’s dream has indeed come true.

On top of all that, there was a sale of Ivanka and Jared’s Manhattan Penthouse which sold for 13 percent more than a comparable sale while the market in general was down about 25 percent. Oh, that sale was to Angela Chen, who reportedly has ties to the Chinese Government and Chinese military intelligence.

Then there is the ‘miraculous” bailout of Kushner’s white elephant property at 666 5th Avenue. When a mortgage of 1.4 billion came due, a company who happens to have the Arab government of Qatar as one of it’s chief investors came in and overpaid to the point that Kushner got out from under that mortgage and was able to pay his investment partner off.

Just hours after Fox host Jesse Watters announced that the Trump’s would not be doing any more international business deals while daddy is POTUS, Eric went on Twitter and announced this …

And that isn’t even everything. The Trump’s have seemingly pillaged and plundered in ways no presidential family has. All the while, as Don Jr. did on Hannity, projecting their sins on others — like Hunter Biden.

It is probably safe to say that Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and the rest of the Trump clan need not be envious of Hunter Biden’s unpaid board position as they have done quite well using their father’s position for preferential treatment from foreign governments.