Devin Nunes and the GOP have been scheming to hijack the impeachment inquiry since before it began. The latest attempt was in the form of putting “the whistleblower” and Hunter Biden on the GOP witness list. Unfortunately for Nunes and Team GOP, Schiff and the Democrats have the ultimate veto power over Republican witnesses, and now we know why.

At this point, there is no genuine purpose to putting the whistleblower in front of the committee. Virtually all of the whistleblower’s claims have been verified, corroborated, and in some cases, by multiple and independent sources. Calling the whistleblower to testify at this point would be like if someone called in a fire, then the fire department went to the scene of the fire and put the reported fire out — then going back to the person who called in the fire to determine if there really was a fire. We know there was a fire, the whistleblower’s testimony at this point is pointless when there are people closer to the facts who can testify without risking being exposed. Of course, exposing the whistleblower and subjecting them to Trump’s supporters wrath is something many on Trump’s side want. Such a thing would surely dissuade others from coming forward or speaking out.

In fact, we have already seen how they would act when earlier this week, someone who was not the whistleblower was fraudulently identified as the whistleblower.

Schiff also informed Nunes and the GOP that he would not be tolerating any attempts to derail the impeachment inquiry into a water-muddying sham investigation into the Biden family or other debunked conspiracy theories involving the 2016 election.

You can see Schiff’s letter below:

Unlike during the Mueller probe, Schiff and the Democrats seem to be better focused and less susceptible to the nonsensical games that people like Devin Nunes want to play. If they are to be successful, it important that they stay strong in not letting the inquiry turn into the circus that Trump and his supporters in and out of Congress what it to be.

Below is the complete list of witnesses the GOP asked to call: