With President Donald Trump in London on Sunday, conservative lawyer Alan Dershowitz appeared on Fox News to accuse Democrats of committing a “criminal” act by pursuing impeachment.

Trump complained about the impeachment hearings the day before by tweeting that such hearings should not take place while he is out of Washington DC, an absurd claim that is a clear and pathetic tactic to undermine the hearings.

Dershowitz followed Trump’s lead on Sunday by making an even more absurd claim, all while offering zero evidence.

During an interview on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo, Dershowitz claimed that Democrats are conducting a “criminal” impeachment and claimed that Democrats have not shown the appropriate criteria to justify impeachment.

“Congress is not above the law,” Dershowitz said. “They just can’t make it up as they go along. The constitution provides specific criteria for impeachment. And I think these hearings demonstrate beyond any doubt that these criteria haven’t been met. Nothing that I’ve seen during these weeks of impeachment testimony has moved the ball at all toward impeachment. If he’s impeached, it will be partisan.”

It’s only partisan because Republicans refuse to do anything to hold Trump accountable, partly out of fear that their base will punish them and partly because they are hypocrites who don’t care about the law or the Constitution.

In fact, Democrats already have made their case for impeachment. The transcript of Trump’s call with Ukraine President Zelensky makes it clear that he held up military aide to extract a favor. Trump wanted Ukraine to investigate former Vice-President Joe Biden so he would have dirt on Biden ahead of the 2020 Election. In short, Trump solicited election interference from a foreign leader.

Ambassadors Gordon Sondland and Marie Yovanovich have also testified that Trump committed bribery, a high crime worthy of impeachment under the Constitution. And acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani have both admitted to the scheme.

But Dershowitz still thinks the whole thing is unfair.

“It’s very, very unfair,” he said. “I mean, the impeachment process is quasi-criminal in nature. And the person being accused is supposed to have rights comparable to the rights of somebody being accused of a crime. The Constitution talks about high crimes and misdemeanors. And yet, the process has been skewed and one-sided and partisan.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Impeachment is not a traditional criminal trial in a court of law. Furthermore, Republicans have been able to cross-examine witnesses. The one witness who isn’t testifying publicly is the whistleblower, who is under protection by law. Democrats have even invited Trump to testify under oath along with his closest advisers, but he won’t do it and he won’t let his advisers do it either because he’s guilty and would perjure himself.

Dershowitz is biased in favor of Trump and it should also be pointed out that he is also caught up in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal. He will say anything to save Trump and himself. Someone this disgraced is just not credible.


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