Even though the House Judiciary Committee is currently drawing up articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump with the full support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Vice President Mike Pence said Saturday evening that he’s not fully convinced Congress will vote to impeach his boss.

During an interview with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, Pence had this to say about impeachment:

“I don’t yet know what’s going to happen in the House. I know that Speaker Pelosi has announced articles of impeachment, but I have to tell you, I served in the Congress for 12 years, and I don’t think it’s a forgone conclusion that the Democrats will be able to get the votes to pass articles of impeachment. I hear from people all over the country — the support for this president, the progress that we’ve made rebuilding our military, reviving this economy.”

And you thought Trump was delusional!

Pence went on to claim that the American people wouldn’t stand for impeachment because the “facts” simply don’t support such an action by Congress:

“I mean yesterday we announced seven million jobs created, 180 conservative judges on our federal courts, and, when people look at the facts in this case, they can read the transcript and see the president did nothing wrong. I know the American people are going to let their voice be heard in the next two weeks, and when the voice of the American people strikes Capitol Hill, anything’s possible.”

The Vice President also tried to cover his own ass by insisting that his actions towards Ukraine were innocent:

“When [Trump] asked me to go to Poland to represent him, he’d already scheduled a meeting with President Zelensky. And, the president sat me down and said, ‘Look, we are reviewing this aid, but I want to know what he’s doing about corruption.’ President Zelensky was literally elected in a landslide and the parliamentary election for his party was a landslide on an anti-corruption agenda. And, the president said: ‘Find out what he’s doing on that — in a sense, you know — check him out, see what you make of him on that.'” 

However, if Pence and Trump have nothing to hide, why have they steadfastly refused to cooperate with congressional committees? This White House will not turn over documents or allow certain witnesses to testify. That alone suggests guilt.

Here’s a suggestion for VP Pence: Go testify before the House Judiciary Committee and answer every question you’re asked. Otherwise, just sit quietly and let your silence serve as an admission of your complicity.