In recent months, as scandal has threatened to engulf the White House and led to the impeachment of President Donald Trump, about the only bright spot as the president seeks reelection in 2020 has been the economy and stock market. The Dow Jones average has hit several records in just the past week.

But what if the markets and the overall economic health of the country start to tank? That could well doom not only Trump in the 2020 election, but the entire Republican Party, according to former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci.

During an appearance on CNN Saturday evening, Scaramucci warned that a kangaroo court impeachment trial in the Senate that acquits Trump could cause investors to lose faith in the stability of the U.S. government:

Mitch McConnell has to be very careful here because he posts up a Soviet-style kangaroo-court-like trial and the president’s acquitted, and there is no primary witness subpoenaed and it’s this sort of political acquittal without all of the facts being elicited for the American people.”

One of the main strengths of our government, Scaramucci went on to add, is that the Constitution makes it clear that the law applies to everyone, even the elected head of state:

“You are going against a 243-year-old constitutional system and the rule of law. So, what’s made us so prosperous and given us each the American Dream is the idea none of us are above the law, and the system has great integrity. That is why the capital markets like America. They believe that we don’t have any type of tyranny or any type of kangarooism going on. So, if they go to do that, I think that is probably the calculation Speaker Pelosi is making, that will have significant and incalculable damage to the Republican Party not just in 2020 but could be a death blow to the Republican Party.”

The cult of personality that has been established around Trump and willingly agreed to by his GOP allies is a threat to both the Republican power structure and the American republic. In other words, to save the country, Trump’s enablers may have to be destroyed along with him. And voters will get a chance to do that when they go to the polls in 11 months.

Featured Image Via NBC News