In yet more proof that President Donald Trump is trying to start a war with Iran in order to distract from or put an end to his impeachment, Fox Business host Stuart Varney just suggested impeachment should be canceled because of the killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

The Pentagon announced late on Thursday night that Soleimani had been killed in an airstrike ordered by Trump. The killing has since been condemned by Iran, which has vowed to retaliate. Any retaliation could result in Americans being killed, so killing Soleimani is seen as a definite escalation of hostilities between Iran and the United States that began after Trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement reached during the Obama administration.

Up to now, Trump’s impeachment has dominated the news cycle as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) delays sending the two articles of impeachment to the Senate until Senate Republicans agree not to rig the trial in Trump’s favor.

But now Trump’s supporters are trotting out new talking points in the wake of Soleimani’s death by suggesting that impeachment be canceled just because Trump ordered the killing.

During a brief appearance on Fox Business prior to his own show, Stuart Varney briefly noted that the American economy could take a hit because of Trump’s action because the stock market is down and gas prices will likely rise since crude oil spiked on the news of the killing. But then he suggested the killing should justify keeping Trump in office.

“And where does it leave impeachment?” Varney asked. “Are we now going to try to impeach and remove from office the commander-in-chief who’s just taken out one of the world’s leading terrorists? That’s quite a question, I suggest.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Killing a terrorist does not automatically absolve Trump of the crimes he has committed while in office. He abused his power by trying to bribe a foreign nation into starting a sham investigation against a political rival, breaking several laws in the process. And then he proceeded to obstruct Congress by refusing to hand over documents and stopping witnesses from testifying as part of the investigation.

He certainly does not get a pass by killing a man, an action that could start a global war and is clearly meant to distract from the impeachment and aid his effort to get re-elected. If anything, he should be removed from office just for that, especially before he makes the situation even worse.

Featured Image: Twitter screenshot