As President-Elect Joe Biden moves forward with transitioning into his administration, outgoing President Donald Trump has been sulking and depressed watching reports of world leaders congratulating Biden for beating him.

Other than the childish outbursts on Twitter alleging voter fraud and refusing to concede, Trump has remained relatively quiet since the election was called for Biden as he continues squatting inside the barricaded White House watching television.

One of the things Trump has been watching on television is reports of Biden receiving congratulatory messages from leaders around the globe acknowledging his victory over Trump. That includes messages from United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others whom Trump hoped would join him in denying that Biden won the election.

According to CNN:

In the days since, Trump has spent ample time in front of the TV watching coverage of Biden’s transition, including his public remarks describing Trump’s reluctance to concede an “embarrassment.” But he has been dismayed to see foreign leaders, including those he considered friends such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, move swiftly toward congratulating Biden.

Once foreign leaders recognize a newly elected president, any claims of illegitimacy pretty much go out the window, which Trump must understand because he seems to realize his desperate lawsuits are not going anywhere and won’t change the fact that he’s a loser.

He has spent much of his days on the phone, describing his strong view the election had been stolen from him and his disbelief at losing to Biden. But throughout his conversations this week, Trump has appeared cognizant that his legal efforts aren’t likely to reverse the results of the contest and that he will depart the White House in January.

Nations around the world joined Americans in celebrating Trump’s defeat over the weekend. After four years of Trump pushing away our allies and fumbling foreign relations at every turn, the international community is eager to see real American leadership return to the world stage. That clearly stings Trump, but he only brought it upon himself after spending years embarrassing himself and turning America into a laughingstock. If he wants to know why world leaders are so happy Biden is the next president, all he has to do is turn off the television and stand in front of a mirror.

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