A GOP congressman got busted sharing a fake photo of former President Barack Obama on social media and then proceeded to have a full-scale hissy fit when he was criticized for his blatant attempt to spread fake news in support of President Donald Trump.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) tweeted out a photo of Obama meeting with and shaking the hand of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, even though such a meeting never took place:

It didn’t take long before Andrew Kaczynski of CNN responded to Gosar, revealing that the actual photo of Obama had been taken in 2011, and he had been meeting with former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh:

Journalist Daniel Medina concurred with Kaczynski:

Even though he’d been cold busted in his lie, Gosar decided to double down, claiming he’d never said the photo wasn’t photoshopped (then again, he never said it WAS photoshopped, either):

Gosar also tried to assert that his posting was honest, even though the photo was anything but:

Social media quickly let Gosar have a heavy dose of scorn and ridicule:

Memo to Paul Gosar: Delete your Twitter account.

Featured Image Via Twitter