A GOP group will begin running $1 million worth of television ads calling for witnesses during the upcoming Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

But perhaps most galling to Trump is the placement of the ads, HuffPost reports:

“Republicans for the Rule of Law, a group of anti-Trump conservatives, said the two ads will run nationally on both ‘Fox & Friends’ on Fox News and ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ on Fox Business every day next week.”

The president is known to faithfully watch those two shows, and he also frequently tweets about what he has seen on the programs. Earlier this week, Trump lavished praise on “the great Lou Dobbs” during a White House signing ceremony. Dobbs just so happened to be in attendance for the event and looked delighted by the president’s remarks.

But beginning Monday, January 20, Trump is likely to see an ad like this one from the GOP group:

Former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, director of the GOP group that has purchased the ads, noted:

“The Constitution charges the Senate with ‘the sole Power to try all impeachments. But the Senate can’t try an impeachment without a trial, and there’s no such thing as a trial without evidence.”

The ads aren’t the only line of attack from Republicans for the Rule of Law:

“Along with the TV spots, the group is advertising via digital billboards in the capitals of Utah, Alaska, Maine, Tennessee, Colorado and Arizona ― home states of Republicans senators who may vote to allow witnesses, some of whom are locked in tight reelection battles.”

Trump certainly seems to be worried about the impeachment trial, firing off this tweet early Friday morning:

Featured Image Via NBC News Screenshot