Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) is predicting that a recent revelation of  an audio recording proving that President Donald Trump called for the firing of Marie Yovanovitch is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new evidence that will continue to trickle out during the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

During an appearance on CNN Saturday, Bharara was asked by host Anderson Cooper:

“Just to back up, one of the things that Lev Parnas has been publicly talking about, there’s — seems like there’s no appetite to have Lev Parnas or anyone else as witnesses on the Republican side. Does this (audio) tape matter at all?”

Bharara responded:

“I think it matters in terms of context. I think it shows the language that Trump used, what his state of mind was. You know, if you look at the strict transcript of the tape, arguably, you could say, look, there was an ambassador, claimed to be bad mouthing the president and claimed he’ll be impeached. They had a mission to get rid of the ambassador because they had a different political errand, I guess. So, it’s not crazy to argue, if you’re just looking at this in isolation, that someone is saying that the president is going to get impeached. She works for the president of the United States in an ambassadorial capacity. He might have a reaction to that.”

And then the former SDNY prosecutor warned that the worst may be yet to come for both Trump and Senate Republicans who are defending him:

“The problem this is not existing in isolation. There’s a whole series of events where she (Yovanovitch) was standing in the way of the idea of Joe Biden and Burisma and the investigations. That takes it far beyond the phone call that triggered the impeachment inquiry … it is significant because it suggests that there are other tapes or other evidence that are going to be coming out in parallel fashion to the trial, to which people have been reporting may be over next week. What’s fascinating to me, that I’ve never seen in a trial, you have this procedure that comes out that sheds light on the proceedings and also may make it more difficult for Republicans to argue that they were right in preventing witnesses from testifying. So, there’s a whole bunch of Pandora’s boxes I think that could still be opened.”

Think about it for a second: The Senate exonerates Trump and a few days later a literal “smoking gun” tape is released that is so damaging it makes Trump look guilty as homemade sin and suggests Republicans are complicit in a cover-up. That could spell doom for the president and the GOP when Election Day rolls around.

Here’s Bharara on CNN:

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