Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) threw a tantrum on Fox News Tuesday night after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) became so disgusted by President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address that she ripped her copy of it in half.

Following Trump’s concluding statement, Pelosi rose from her chair and promptly tore up the copy of the speech he had handed to her earlier. The moment instantly became the defining moment of how millions of Americans felt about the speech and Trump himself after he spent the evening lying, pandering and defiling the Presidential Medal of Freedom by giving it to Rush Limbaugh.

Pelosi admitted she “tore it up” while walking out of the chamber, calling the speech “dirty.”

Republicans, of course, have been whining about the moment ever since, including Cruz.

During an interview with Sean Hannity, Cruz complained that the moment hurt his snowflake fee-fees.

“It culminated at that moment at the end when Pelosi ripped that speech,” Cruz whined. “It was disgusting. I was sitting 50 feet away from her and it made me angry. What she showed and what congressional Democrats showed was contempt for America, that they won’t root for the American people and they won’t show even the barest modicum of respect for the president of the United States. I thought the president did fantastic and I think Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were disgraceful.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

The only people praising Trump’s speech are toady Republicans and his ignorant base of supporters who lap up any bullsh*t he sells them.

Pelosi’s action was passive aggressive, and came nowhere near the disrespect Republicans showed former President Obama in 2009 when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) literally screamed “You lie!” during the State of the Union. Also, Trump snubbed Pelosi by refusing to shake her hand when he reached the podium. It’s customary for the president to shake hands with the House Speaker, but that custom became yet another violation of decorum by Trump. And you certainly aren’t hearing Republicans cry foul over it.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot