President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani made an outrageous accusation on Sunday morning claiming that Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is a puppet of liberal philanthropist George Soros.

Trump and his henchmen have been viciously attacking Romney in retaliation for his vote to convict him during the Senate impeachment trial. As the only Republican to do so, Romney became the first senator to vote to convict and remove a sitting president from his own party and made the vote to convict bipartisan, unlike the vote to acquit, which was totally partisan as no Democrats joined the GOP.

Romney cited duty to country and his faith as two of the deciding factors for his vote, and became a hero across the country for doing the right thing based on the overwhelming evidence and witness testimony gathered by the House.

But Giuliani unveiled a new conspiracy theory to explain Romney’s vote by tweeting a random person who noted that Romney has accepted campaign donations from Soros.

Giuliani then called Soros an “anarchist” and a criminal, completely ignoring the irony considering his client is gutting the rule of law and has committed a laundry list of crimes.

It’s true the Romney has been the recipient of money from Soros, but that only amounts to just over $17,000 according to Open Secrets and he did not receive any such donations in 2018 during his Senate race.

It certainly does not make him a Soros puppet. The accusations against Soros are unfounded, just a mere smear campaign that has been ongoing for decades by Republicans who have repeatedly used Soros as a bogeyman to scare conservatives into voting for them. It’s no different this time. Trump and his goons need enemies and so they are not only targeting Romney, they are desperately trying to tie him to Soros.

Of course, Soros isn’t the one who palled around with pedophiles. That would be Giuliani’s client, who frequently hung out with Jeffrey Epstein, and also has connections to the mob and associates with Russian oligarchs. Oh, and Trump also has ties to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. If Giuliani really wants to play the association game, it’s one that Trump will lose.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot