Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) really stepped in it on Wednesday evening when he dared to challenge Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) scientific knowledge after she slammed President Donald Trump for appointing Vice President Mike Pence as his coronavirus czar.

Trump made the announcement during his erratic and not-at-all helpful news conference on Wednesday, prompting a response from AOC, who noted that Pence is anti-science and couldn’t even stop epidemics in his state of Indiana as governor.

Cruz, who often attacks Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter by making snarky remarks insinuating that she doesn’t know anything, responded to her tweet by questioning her scientific knowledge.

The problem is that not only is Cruz an anti-science zealot who does not believe in evolution, he apparently did not realize that AOC placed second at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the Microbiology category in high school. Impressed with her work, MIT Lincoln Laboratory named an asteroid after her. So, she is definitely science literate. And she did not hesitate to throw all of that in Cruz’s face.

Clearly, Cruz picked the wrong person to challenge about science. Frankly, he had no business doing so anyway considering his own denial of science, which also includes climate science.

Once again, AOC schools a Republican for thinking that just because she’s a young Latina woman she must have an empty head.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot