Former White House adviser Steve Bannon thinks President Donald Trump is the new Winston Churchill and that he would beat former First Lady Michelle Obama handily in November if she were to somehow become the Democratic nominee.

In the wake of former Vice President Joe Biden winning the South Carolina primary race on Saturday night, Fox News host and Trump propagandist Maria Bartiromo interviewed Bannon to talk about the Democratic nomination among other topics.

First, Bannon claimed that black voters are rejecting Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and that Bernie supporters are going to ultimately vote for Trump if anyone but Sanders gets the nomination.

“They’re not buying the socialism,” Bannon said. “They’re not buying the radicalism, they’re not buying the revolution. These are very practical, pragmatic people. They are going to try to steal the nomination from Bernie again. That’s why I think many Bernie supporters will come to President Trump at the end of the day.”

Bartiromo then mentioned the slim possibility that Democrats could nominate Michelle Obama in the event of a contested convention, a move that would likely energize black voters like her husband former President Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012.

Bannon, however, wrote off such a challenge by comparing Trump to Churchill and claimed that Trump has united the country and is fighting the coronavirus.

“I think if they go to the convention and they’re desperate and Bernie is way behind Donald Trump, the Obamas and the Clintons will look for any alternative to try to defeat President Trump,” he said. “This is Trump’s Churchill moment. He’s got to bring the country together, which he’s doing. He’s got to confront not just the virus, but the economic contagion that’s coming out of China… He does that, you don’t need to worry about 2020.”

Here’s the video YouTube:

Michelle Obama is immensely popular across the country. Even Trump’s favorite poll, Rasmussen, shows Mrs. Obama beating him in a hypothetical match-up as of December 2019.

Other earlier polls showed Trump getting his a** handed to him by her.

Also, comparing Trump to Winston Churchill is an insult to Churchill. Churchill actually did unite a country and led that country to victory in World War II. Trump can’t even respond properly to an epidemic and makes phony “peace deals” with the Taliban.

Bannon is nothing more than a Trump mouthpiece, and Bartiromo should be ashamed of herself for not calling out his bullsh*t.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot