A day after former Vice President Joe Biden won an overwhelming victory in the South Carolina Democratic presidential primary, President Donald Trump went on Twitter and all but begged two other Democratic candidates, Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, not to give a dime to Democrats.

Steyer suspended his campaign after a poor showing in South Carolina, while Bloomberg appears to be placing hope on winning some states on Super Tuesday, when a total of 1,357 Democratic delegates are up for grabs.

As if sensing that he’s in a weakened political position with the stock market reeling and coronavirus sweeping across the world, Trump posted this Sunday morning:

A few hours later we got this from the president:

Donald Trump wants to talk about someone else’s reputation? His own reputation isn’t exactly very impressive. And the calls for Bloomberg and Steyer to withhold their money reeks of desperation, as plenty of others on Twitter pointed out:

Featured Image Via CNBC