President Donald Trump thought he was being clever when he tried to push Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to openly attack former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday while discussing a recent deal made between Israel and Sudan. But it backfired and left Trump deflated and humiliated.

In an effort to make it seem like he is achieving peace in the Middle East, Trump has been bragging about deals made between Israel and several nations they are not and have never been at war with, such as the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and now Sudan.

In short, they were already at peace and none of these deals solves tensions between Israel and the Palestinians or between Israel and Iran, situations that are still volatile and have only escalated since Trump took office. That’s a big reason why Trump did not win the Nobel Peace Prize he has been desperately seeking.

In fact, many are calling the so-called “peace deal” a dressed-up “arms deal.”

And because Trump is now faced with losing re-election, he hoped to bait Netanyahu into criticizing Biden in front of reporters during a televised call at the White House.

“Do you think Sleepy Joe could have made this deal, Bibi? Sleepy Joe?” Trump asked. “Do you think he would have made this deal? Somehow, I don’t think so.”

Trump clearly expected Netanyahu to basically give him a cheap campaign ad, but with Biden heavily favored to win, the Israeli prime minister refused to do something that could piss Democrats off considering they may very well control the White House and the Senate in addition to the House next year.

“Well, Mr. President, one thing I can tell you is that we appreciate the help for peace from anyone in America,” Netanyahu replied. “And we appreciate what you’ve done enormously.”

“Yeah,” a dejected Trump said as the arrogant smirk disappeared from his face.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Once again, Trump tried to get a foreign leader to interfere with the election, albeit not with near as much duplicity as when he tried to extort the Ukrainian president to open a sham investigation of Biden last summer, which resulted in him being impeached.

But it still demonstrates that Trump will sink to any pathetic low to remain in office so he doesn’t end up in prison where he belongs.

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