Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) put Vice President Mike Pence on blast during an interview on MSNBC for being the worst possible choice to be in charge of handling the coronavirus as the first American death due to the virus has been reported.

A 50-year-old man died after contracting the virus in Washington state, the first fatality in the country after President Donald Trump named Pence coronavirus czar and continued insisting that the virus has been contained and that the seriousness of it is nothing but a “hoax” invented by the Democrats.

There are now over 60 cases in this nation, and while health officials had been warning that it would get worse, Pence used his new authority to silence them and directed them to seek approval for messaging before saying anything in public.

This focus on messaging and politics is exactly how Pence ended up perpetuating an HIV epidemic in Indiana as governor, something Warren pointed out while voicing her disapproval of him being Trump’s choice.

“He is actually the one guy around who has experience in dealing with a virus that gets out of control, only he’s the guy who went in exactly the wrong direction,” Warren said. “He paid more attention to politics than he did to science, and that really created a health crisis in his state of Indiana. I cannot think of a worse person to put in charge of dealing with this coronavirus now.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The fact is that Pence is anti-science and will do nothing but lick Trump’s boot as this crisis continues to unfold. The administration wants to pretend that everything is under control, but the reality is that coronavirus is here and it has claimed a life. And that death likely will not be the only one. But all Pence cares about is covering up how terrible Trump’s response has been. He’s repeating the mistake he made in Indiana, and it will cost us dearly.


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