A new poll conducted by a well-known GOP pollster has sobering news for Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump: With the November election just a few months away, suburban voters now prefer Democrats over the GOP by a whopping 20-point margin, according to the Washington Times:

“The survey, conducted for political nonprofit organization N2America and shared with the Washington Examiner, revealed that suburban voters prefer Democrats over Republicans by 20 percentage points on healthcare, an issue they rank higher than the economy, and by more than 15 points on prescription drug pricing.

“Suburban demographics also portend challenges for President Trump and down-ticket Republicans this fall, with 65% claiming a bachelor’s degree or higher. This voting bloc fueled the Democratic wave in the 2018 midterm elections and has since continued to drift from the GOP.”

Yes, healthcare appears to be the primary issue for suburban voters, and was a major reason Democrats retook control of the House in the 2018 midterms. Considering that the Trump administration is seeking to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by challenging it in court, healthcare may wind up being the deciding factor in November.

The N2America poll focused on several areas of the country that will be crucial to who wins come November:

  • Jefferson County, Colorado, adjacent to Denver
  • Maricopa County, Arizona, adjacent to Phoenix
  • Dallas County, Iowa
  • Harris County, Texas, adjacent to Houston
  • Orange County, California

Those five counties  were crucial to Democrats who won key races two years ago.

A closer look inside the poll also reveals that one of the biggest fears of those surveyed is that they will lose coverage for preexisting conditions if the GOP has its way:

“Forty-eight percent of suburban voters are ‘highly worried’ about losing current federal insurance protections for preexisting medical conditions. Trump has worked hard to counter Democratic claims that he would repeal this regulation, which was codified under Obamacare, a law the president is still vowing to undo.”

Featured Image Via NBC News