MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough busted out in laughter at President Donald Trump’s continued insistence that former Vice-President Joe Biden was too old and confused to be our next commander in chief. The “Morning Joe” host went off — asking how that would work when there were so many examples of Trump himself misspeaking or just wandering off? This after a supercut video of the current POTUS walking away from events in a daze played. the clip was set to the tune of Dion’s “The Wanderer.”

“Everything Donald Trump says is either confession or projection. So, again, there’s so many of these out there, you just wonder how much longer is a campaign really going to suggest that there’s another candidate in the race who sometimes seems confused and disoriented, because, for every clip they have of that other candiate — there are 30 of Donald Trump.”

Co-host Willie Geist added that this is not “a fight the president wants to have.”

Check out the full clip below of “the wanderer” being dazed and confused much in the way he is trying to project on the man who is poised to unseat him in November:


Perhaps going forward, Trump might want to consider readjusting his strategy of name-calling and projecting his own shortcomings onto others. As time moves forward, his attacks seem to have less and less of an effect in a “boy who cried wolf” type of way. In fact, many of his attacks appear to be backfiring. Other attacks he made even going back to the 2016 campaign also seem to be coming back to haunt him and are providing healthy fodder for Biden or whoever will face him in November.

For example, just recently, Trump attacked two liberal female SCOTUS justices, Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor inferring that they were just out to get him. Immediately, people started pointing out Trump’s hypocrisy:


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